Cherubs at Play Sculptural Fountain

Cherubs at  Play Sculptural Fountain
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Cherubs at Play Fountain

Cherubs welcome water music from a bounteous urn in this 15th-century French antique replica fountain sure to be the crowning statement in your garden. Sharing their sparkling aqueous gift, four winged cherubs rest atop this pedestal-based, over 4-foot-tall, fountain. Cast in quality designer resin and hand-finished to replicate fine stonework, this investment in garden art features an integrated, UL-listed, indoor/outdoor pump. Assembly required.

Shown lighter in color to enhance details; has slightly darker antiquing than pictured. Pedestal and bottom basin design is slightly different than shown.

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30" D x 52" H

We strongly suggest portable fountains be stored INDOORS during winter. Do not allow fountains that must remain outside during freezing winter weather to collect or retain moisture: drain bowl or shell thoroughly; remove statue and pump, storing inside if possible; fill bowl or shell with absorbent material, such as a blanket or towels (small bowls/shells may instead be inverted); cover entire fountain with a fountain cover or heavy-duty plastic sheeting, and secure tightly.