Petroika Collection Faberge-Style Enameled Egg

Petroika Collection Faberge-Style Enameled Egg
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The Petroika Collection: Elena & Larissa Fabergé Style Enameled Egg

These Petroika enameled egg boasts vibrantly green hues. Originally fashioned more than a century ago by Carl Fabergé, imperial jeweler for the Russian Czarina Maria, these collectible eggs boast the same intricate metalwork, “lost wax” metal-casting method, hand-painted enamel and magnetic closure as the originals. “Elena” features remarkable filigree cutwork. Larissa is on the right and Elena is on the left. Larissa is $49.95, Elena is $45.00 and both are $75.00.


  • Elena: 2" Dia x 5" H
  • Larissa: 3" Dia x 6 1/2" H