Wall Decor

With Gothic, Egyptian, African, Art Deco, and Classical influences, our wall art and wall hangings can transform any room in your house. They also make great unique gifts.

Check out our selection of unique wall decor from the contemporary to the whimsical. Also for If you hang new things on your walls you should know that your tables and shelves will get upset if you ignore them. You will notice a subtle change and every time you go into the room you may hear a soft sigh coming from your coffee table.* To avoid this get some things for your tables and shelves too. Things like lamps , candle holders and vases all of which we happen to carry. Indoor Statues are another thing that will make your home happy. You can find a great selection of these in our "Statues" section.

We are always adding to our collection so please check back.

*Yes the opposite is true. If you get something for your tables or shelves your walls will be angry unless you get something new for them too